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Shri Nathji had once said: The Universe exists in a little twinkling of the eyelash of God, and can disappear in the same amount of time! A little twinkling of his eyelash might mean millions of years for the people of this world!
People would often ask Shri Nathji: “How could God create the Universe in a single thought?”
And Shri Nathji would reply:
Every night when you go to sleep you create a dream-world for yourself which appears very real, with mountains, rivers, cities, and people. If you can create a whole world by yourself in a dream, why should it be difficult for God to create a Universe in a single thought?
Take the example of a singer. Before he begins to sing, the song is within him. It is one with him. Once he has begun to sing, his song is outside of him. There is then the singer as well as the song. The invisible silent song in one’s mind manifests itself in notes of music.
“Similarly, this solid Universe is a manifestation of that invisible Will of the Creator. You wish to build a house. The house exists within your mind. It emerges and takes the form of a solid structure. You enter the house you build. You are then inside the house which was once within you.
“Even as a seed manifests itself in a multiplicity of shapes and forms, and even as the ocean manifests itself as drops of water, so did God Will that He see His Self in a multifarious Universe. For this, He needed no help from any source.
The Hindu scriptures define the act of creation, as the voice of the Creator that said: ‘Akohambahusyaam’–‘I am one, let there be many’. The Christians define it as the voice of God that said: ‘Let there be light’–and there was light. And the Muslims define it as the voice of Allah that said: ‘Kun! Exist!’ and ‘Fayyakun’, the world came into existence. All the religions of the world speak of His word, which was sufficient and that gave rise to the Universe.
Shri Nathji said: “Surely it is easier to think of the Universe as being the creation of an Intelligent Conscious Being, God, rather than to think of it as existing all by itself.”
“The existence of a table proves the existence of a carpenter. The table could not have created itself. In a like manner the existence of the Universe proves the existence of God. Surely the Universe could not have created itself.”