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It was in December 2004 that the weather had cleared up sufficiently for Priya Nath to go out of the house for long walks. He would be accompanied by Ujwala Devi as well as Manoj Narsikar and Shrirang. These were historic and eventful walks around Camel’s Back Road, the Mall Road, and Spring Road as well as the road leading down to Hampton Court School, – during which Priya Nath recounted the events of the past, and spoke non-stop for hours.“When you speak to us at home and laugh and joke, you are completely different, but when you speak to the devotees who come to you, your face and voice change and you become surcharged with divine power!‘When a warrior is at home, his children jump all over him, his wife quarrels with him, but when he is on the battlefield, all at once his countenance changes and his actions are surcharged with power!Later Shrirang began recording these historical events of Mussoorie in a diary of his own–in much the same way as Priya Nath had recorded diaries during the days of Shri Nathji.“I remember how, in the Mahagranth, it is written that Bhutt Sahib wrote to his son, Jagdish, who was living with Shri Nathji at the time in 1943: ‘If you are living there to serve Shri Nathji, then go on staying there, but if you are living there only to enjoy Mussoorie, then come back at once!’”Raju had never read a book in English in his entire life. When he was faced with the task of reading the Mahagranth in English, for a while he was afraid. But then a sudden strength surged into him and he found himself reading more and more of the Mahagranth until he could no longer leave it.