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Gopal Swami’s home had become a venue for genuine seekers after truth to learn about Shri Nathji. Priya Nath had said to Gopal Swami: “Bring only genuine seekers here. The time of life is much too precious to be wasted upon curiosity mongers, and wavering folk who have no intention of staying on the path!”Gopal Swami had made many a convert in his life, but perhaps none so strong as Shilpa Sharma, who was a distant niece of his. Shilpa had come for Priya Nath’s “I felt your presence in the church and saw you in place of Christ!”She further wrote: “Now that you have held my hand my life has found fulfilment and I remain at peace all the time. However there is one fear within me – that you may let my hand go! Promise me that you will never do that!”And Priya Nath wrote back:“If I were to let your hand go after first catching it, then would I not be admitting my own mistake in catching your hand in the first place? But there is no mistake in the Divine Selection, as Shri Nathji used to say. If He has caught hold of your hand through me, then He will not let it go–because He is without faults and free of all mistakes.”