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It was in November 2004 that Dilip Sardeshmukh arrived with his wife and children from Bhusawal. The entire family, and especially the children, Srinath and Adinath, were restless for the “You are the wealthiest people in the world because you have with youselves Him, who is the Giver of wealth to the world!”Later Priya Nath took Dilip and his family to Lal Tibba at Mussoorie which was a famous tourist spot at a great height. He pointed out the residence of Shri S.K. Nagpal, an advocate who used to live there in the 1980’s. He reminded Dilip of the days of 1980 when the forces of evil were attacking Shri Nathji at Mussoorie and how the battle had to be fought in the courts. “Sab aap hee na karvaa liyaa! Ham logon men kahaan himmat thhee! “It was all due to your divine grace. We possessed no strength at all!”Shri Nathji had often said: “Time “Time passes away, but what you have done in that time, remains with you!”Later, after Dilip and his family had returned to Bhusawal a letter came from Dilip’s wife in which she said:“The blessings that we received at Mussoorie have sustained us. Dilip was hit by a rickshaw on the road and could have sustained serious injuries or even collapsed, but Thy Blessings were with us. Miraculous Help came and he was saved. Many thanks for thy kindness and benevolence.”Indeed, Shri Nathji had often narrated how Justice Rangilal saw a total stranger come and help him when he had fallen seriously ill in Europe. The total stranger was none other than Shri Nathji. He had to appear in numerous guises and numerous faces to save His devotees all the time wherever they were.