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Shri Nathji would often say in Hindi:

Aap jaante hain anant ke paribhaashaa kyaa hai?

“Do you know what the definition of the Infinite is?

“Anant usko kaihte hain jiske aage saara brahmaand ek raayi ke daane ke samaan ho, aur jo khud raayi ke daane ke andar uss se bhee chhotaa hokar baithhaa ho!“
The Infinite is He, before whom the entire Universe exists like a tiny mustard seed–and who exists even inside the mustard seed, in a form smaller than the seed!
“He resides in the vastness of the Universe and at the same time He exists inside even the smallest of its atoms.”
“And if He can exist within the tiniest of atoms why cannot He exist within a human form and come down to earth as an avatar? said Shri Nathji.
Shri Nathji had this Urdu Verse to describe the finite and infinite faces of God:

Be hijaabi ye ke har zarre men jalvaa aashkaar,
Aur pardaa ye ke soorat aaj tak dekhi naheen

Thou art so unveiled that every atom reveals Thy Light
And yet Thou art so veiled that no one has ever seen Thy Face

Shri Nathji added:

Maarfat Khaalik ki aalam men bahut dushvaar hai,
Jab ke shaihre tan men khud apnaa pataa miltaa naheen

It is hard to find out the whereabouts of the Creator,
When thou cannot even find thyself in the dwelling of thy body

Shri Nathji would also quote from the Sukhmani Sahib in chaste Punjabi

Je tis nazar na aaviye
Taan vaat na pucche koi

If thou hast not seen Him,
Then thou are not of any worth to anyone.

Shri Nathji knew everything, because it was He who had existed at the beginning of time. It was He who had existed before the beginning of every beginning. Man could not comprehend him fully. He was like a Master Ph. D. of the Universe explaining his subject to children. He could tell everything, but would man understand everything?

Maste sharaab hokar sab bhed khol daale
Na jaane bekhudi men kyaa bol bol daale

Lost in Intoxication Divine, I laid all secrets bare,
I knew not of my utterances of self-forgetfulness!