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There were many self-proclaimed avatars, prophets and messiahs all over the world. Only the genuine seeker after truth could distinguish between them. Shri Nathji had nothing to say against them or indeed anyone else.
When Shri Nathji was told of imitations, he immediately said: Imitations merely prove the existence of the real diamond. If imitations exist, then the Real Thing which they imitate must also exist!
Speaking on mahatmas, holy men, of various orders, he said: The electric current is the same in all the bulbs. It comes from the same power-house. But the light that is manifested varies from bulb to bulb depending upon the power of the bulb. Thus it is that all real mahatmas carry the Divine Current in them, but exhibit it differently in accordance with their spir­itual attainment. You cannot take light directly from the cur­rent or the power-house. You can only take it from a bulb which is connected to the system.”
Shri Nathji’s life was above desire. He wanted nothing from anyone. He desired neither name nor fame, nor followers. He had come only to give freely of himself.