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People who came to Shri Nathji were surprised that he gave them no guru mantras. He did not tell them to meditate or practise yoga. What he gave was more powerful, more real and more lasting–it was a direct touch of the Divine. Here was something that all felt, from the oldest of the adults who came to him, to the youngest of the children who sat before him. It was something that lifted the weight of misery from the soul and filled it with an indescribable happiness, to be replaced later by a divine, spiritual calm. All who came to Shri Nathji were bound to him by the force of His Love. They all felt as if he were their nearest and dearest loved one.
Shri Nathji never made any disciples as such. He was not a guru in the sense that other gurus who led followings were. He loved everybody, and in that sense, had a relationship with everybody. People who came to him came with the feeling that they were coming before a Divine Presence. He was like an ever-flowing fountain of which all could drink freely. Many a time people of other sects, disciples of other gurus, would come to him and ask him to initiate them into his own fold. Shri Nathji’s fold however, was the whole world. He sent such people back to their gurus and sects.