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Shri Nathji’s exaltedness was like a pearl that existed within a shell of humility. All who looked upon him were attracted by an indefinable power of love.

Inhen jo dekh letaa hai vo shaidaa ho hee jaataa hai

He who looks upon him, becomes enamoured of him

A group of intellectuals once held a meeting in which they tried to gauge who Shri Nathji loved the most. Each one of them pointed a finger at himself and said: Me!
Shri Chaube, Deputy Collector at Dehra Dun, used to say in the 1930’s: At such a young age, Shri Nathji keeps the heart of everyone with himself!
In the 1930’s Sir Wazir Hasan of Lucknow met Shri Nathji on the Camel’s Back Road in Mussoorie, and Shri Nathji said to him: I have a large place in my heart for you!

That is my good fortune, said Sir Wazir Hasan.

You are great, and it makes one’s heart great to give place to greatness! Shri Nathji responded.

No, Hazrat, said Sir Wazir Hasan, it is you who are great!

In the 1950’s Shri Kripa Shankar Hajela, who was Advocate General of India at one time, marvelled at the devotion of Justice G.P.Bhutt of Madhya Pradesh towards Shri Nathji. He worships God in human form, Shri Hajela would say, the sincerity of his devotion to Shri Nathji accounts for his phenomenal rise.
Shri Hajela would often say about Shri Nathji: There are some who enunciate that which is truth. But, whatever Shri Nathji says, becomes the truth!
Later, when he became the principal of the Law College at Jaipur, he took Shri Nathji to the College for a lecture to the students in March 1952. All the students and their teachers who heard Shri Nathji that day, marvelled at his brilliant logic and spiritual effulgence.