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Shri Nathji would also tell another parable, using rubies as an example. The parable spoke of the sacrifice that is called for on the path of God. It is a stage that comes in the path of every seeker after truth.
Mother, said the girl, there are merchants outside. They are selling something. Let me go and see what they have!
Minutes later the girl rushed in excitedly. They are sellers of rubies! Mother! I want them! I shall purchase them! They will look good on me! I will wear them proudly before the world!
And, though the girl’s mother and her sisters tried to dissuade her, she would not listen.

O ruby sellers! she said to the merchants, I want your rubies! What price must I pay for them?

They are very cheap, said the merchants, all who have desired them have paid the price for them!

Tell me the price, said the girl, I shall pay it!

The price is your head!” said the merchants.

The girl was aghast. At first she thought the merchants were joking. But their serious manner soon convinced her they were not.

No! No! she said, it is too terrible a price to pay! I want the rubies but I cannot pay the price!

When she returned to her mother and sisters, they refused to believe her. These are only excuses for your fickle-mindedness and weak love, they said to her.

Shri Nathji finished the parable with the following words:
O man! Why dost thou hesitate to buy the ruby even at the cost of thy head? Thy head is not permanent, but evanescent; the ruby (God) is still too cheap! If we really want Reality we must pay the price! And the price is this life–this ego!
Shri Nathji was referring to the weakness of faith. The moment the seeker after truth is called upon to make sacrifices and to endure suffering on the path of God, he turns away.