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To people who complained of suffering and misery, Shri Nathji had this Consolation:
The night is dark, the clouds threatening, and the flashes of lighting terrifying. To one lost in the wilderness, the picture is one of fear, and hopelessness–but the rumbling of the clouds, the flashes of lighting, all result in rain, which is cool and refreshing!
There is no night so long that it never ends, Shri Nathji said, Every night must be followed by day, and every thorn must be followed by a flower. Similarly, every sorrow must be followed by joy.
To those who were afraid of the astrologer’s prediction that tomorrow would be a day of woe, Shri Nathji had this to say: Why lose the happiness of today in thinking of the sorrow of tomorrow? There is still the night left, between today and tomorrow!