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Another parable on the same theme went as follows:
A fly and a moth were attracted by the light of a flame. Both ran towards the flame to possess it. But as they came closer and closer to the flame, the heat began searing their wings. The fly immediately turned around and ran, whilst the moth continued undaunted. It ultimately gave itself to the flame and was consumed in the fire of Union. Such were the genuine seekers after God, those who would be prepared to suffer for His sake.
The fly that ran away from the flame fearing death, died eventually in the surrounding darkness. The moth on the other hand died in light and became one with it.
And yet, the sacrifice was no sacrifice at all, as Shri Nathji would say:

Jaan dee, dee hui ussi kee thee
Haq to yeh hai ke haq adaa na huaa.

I gave up my life for Him-But it had been given by Him,
I could not repay Him-That is my only claim

Give up your life to God, said Shri Nathji, Otherwise Death shall take it in any case!