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Shri Babaji Maharaj used to narrate the lament of the sinner, who went hither and thither seeking redemption:

Ba tavaafe Kaabaa raftam ba haram raham ni daadand
Ki baroone dar che kar di ki daroone khaana aayi

When I went to the Kaaba its doors were shut and a voice rang out,
“ What hast thou done outside that thou wouldst seek entry within!”

Ba zameen choon sajdaa kardam za zameen nidaa baraamad
Ki maraa kharaab kar dee ba een sajdaye riyaayi

When I prostrated on the ground, a voice came from the earth,
“O sinner! Thou hast made me impure by thy deceitful grovelling!”

Ba kumaarkhaana raftam hamaa paak baaz deedam
Choon basoomaye raseedam hamaa yaaftam dagaayi

I went to gambling houses and found many there who were penitent and pure,
But, alas, in the places of worship I visited, I found much hypocrisy and deceit.

Dare dair choon raseedam za daroon nidaa baraamad
Ki bayaa, bayaa, iraaqi, to za khaasgaane maayi

At last I went towards the door of my Master, and his voice rang out:
“ Come! O come within my doors! O Sinner! You are the dearest of all to me!”

And the glance of mercy from the Perfect Master washed away his sins and made him pure. Such was the love of Shri Babaji Maharaj for the sinners of the world.