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Din Muhammad was from Multan. He was a very learned person and also a man of status. When he was still a young man he had been exposed to western philosophy and had been so affected by it that he had turned into an agnostic, and begun denying the existence of God. However, deep within him was a genuine search and he was not satisfied with the path he had chosen. Someone had given him a book by Swami Ramtirth and he had read of the high spiritual attainments of saints in Hindustan. After that he began to read the books of Swami Vivekananda and made some progress himself. He even stayed in the company of Vivekananda’s brother and became more and more inclined towards spiritual truths.
After some years he came to Amritsar for some personal work of his own, where he heard people speak in glowing terms of the glory of Shri Babaji Bhagwan. He immediately went and presented himself at the darbaar of that Highest Glory. The divine personality of Shri Babaji Bhagwan touched his heart and soul and he made bold as to ask some questions on the very first day. Shri Babaji Bhagwan heard his arguments and then said: “Son, for how long will you go on reciting the words of others! You must experience something yourself!”
The words of Shri Babaji Bhagwan penetrated deep down into the innermost recesses of his soul and he began to experience the divine power of Shri Babaji Bhagwan right there and then. It was already evening. He asked for permission to go, and went away.
He returned after two days and said to Shri Babaji Bhagwan: “Please grant me the favour of staying with you for a few days and serving you with my own hands.”
Shri Babaji Bhagwan gave him permission and he began to serve Shri Babaji Bhagwan with all his body and soul. The longer that he stayed with Shri Babaji Bhagwan the greater was the change that came over him. One day he wrote a letter to his Guru, saying:
“I have had the rare privilege of coming into contact with a mahatma here in the Punjab who represents the combined glory of all the saints and sages, past and present! I pray to you to come to Amritsar and seek His Blessings yourself.”
One morning he prayed fervently before Shri Babaji Bhagwan: “It is not past thy benevolence to give a poor man like me a little part of thy unsurpassed wealth!”
There was something in the demeanour of the man that day that pleased Shri Babaji Bhagwan, and, instantly, Din Muhammad found himself filled with a divine intoxication and bliss that was different from anything he had ever experienced in his life, and which was difficult to contain.
Din Muhammad would be seen bursting out into laughter and weeping in turns. At times he would sit before Shri Babaji Bhagwan and place a veil over his face, like the ghunghat -bridal veil- of a bride.
He was so lost in divine bliss that he was no longer conscious of his bodily actions. People who looked upon his strange behaviour knew only this much that his body, mind and soul, appeared to be possessed by some new power.

Vo ajab ghari thhee ki jis ghari liyaa darse nuskhaye ishq kaa
Ke kitaab akl ki taak par jo dhari thhee yoon hi dhari rahi

Strange was the hour when the lesson of love was taken,
The book in the niche of wisdom lay there, unread, as ever

Chali simate ghaib se ik havaa ke chaman gharoor kaa jal gayaa
Vale shamaa khaanaa jalaa ke sab gule surkh saan hee hari rahi

A wind from a direction unknown came and burnt the garden of pride,
And, burning down the dwelling, it remained as fresh as ever like a rose in full bloom

Din Muhammad stayed for a few days with Shri Babaji Bhagwan in this state of divine intoxication, and, then, taking leave of Shri Babaji Bhagwan he returned to his home town, Multan. The people of the city could not understand what had happened to him. Many thought hehad gone mad. There were some who were so afraid of him that they even tied him in chains.
At this, Din Muhammad cried out: “Why must I be kept in chains? I am no captive!” And even as this thought entered into his mind, the chains fell away all by themselves in a wondrous miracle. He left the city and went away into the surrounding forests, but soon found himself beset upon by intense thirst and hunger. There was no one around him who could help him. However miracles kept on happening–food came to him without the intervention of any human agency; fountains flowing with water appeared mysteriously before him to quench his thirst. No matter what he wished for, that very thing appeared before him by itself. When he was all alone in the wilderness, kindly spirits came to comfort him. He discovered that the forces of Nature appeared to obey him. Things which would have been impossible for him to obtain with his own efforts now appeared to dance attendance upon him. He knew that some Divine Power was looking after him, and that it was the power of Shri Babaji Bhagwan.
The time came, however, when Shri Babaji Bhagwan took back the divine intoxication he had given him, and he ceased to live in a world of miracles. All of a sudden he appeared to come to his senses, and yearned to return to the darbaar of Shri Babaji Bhagwan. He rushed back to Amritsar and presented himself once again at the door of the Source of Divine Reality.
Shri Babaji Bhagwan said to him: “Narrate whatever you have experienced to your brethren here so that they too may know of the various stages that come along the spiritual path!”
And Din Muhammad narrated the altogether divine and miraculous events that he had experienced.
Shri Babaji Bhagwan then said: “Beta! Son! These miracles are of no consequence! There are people who can accomplish all these things through their wealth. You were accomplishing the same things with your will power. The real destination lies elsewhere. It lies in annihilating your ego. What you have experienced is the initial stage and what you have yet to experience is the final stage.”
Din Muhammad returned to his usual self again and continued to serve Shri Babaji Bhagwan with great reverence and humility, trying to understand the divine mysteries that the Divine Master unfolded before him from time to time. It was only Shri Babaji Bhagwan who could have given such a state of divine intoxication to a man who had only a few days before been a confirmed philosopher and atheist.

Falsafi ko baihas men hargiz Khudaa miltaa naheen
Dor ko suljhaa rahaa hai aur siraa miltaa naheen

The philosopher can never find God in his arguments,
He is unravelling the string but cannot find its ends!

Maarfat khaalik ki aalam men bahut dushvaar hai
Shaihare tan men jabki khud apnaa pataa miltaa naheen

The Creator’s address in the Universe can scarce be found
When we cannot even find ourselves within the city of our body!