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There is a string in my hand. Where does God reside in the string?
He exists in each and every part of the string because He is Omnipresent–present at all places.

Look! I am splitting the string into parts. Is God present in each part of the string as before?

Yes, He is present as before.

Now I cut the string into a hundred thousand pieces. Is God present in each part of the string as before?


Now I convert the parts of the string into atoms. Is God present in each of the atoms?


Now I break up even an atom into millions of parts. Is God present in each and every part?


Will He be present in all His fullness even within the tiniest part of an atom?


If God is present even within the “Isness” of the tiniest part, then how can that part exist separately?

And if you say that “it exists”, then how can there be any space for God to exist there side by side?
If you can give any existence to this little particle side by side with God, then it would mean that the particle is not God, but is something outside of God! This would mean that God is not everywhere, namely that God is limited to that extent.
However since God is Unlimited and Omnipresent therefore we have to admit that the particle does not exist at all and there is God and only God–Rama and only Rama everywhere and in everything. As a matter of fact nothing else exists, there is only Rama.