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Shri Babaji Bhagwan had been predicting the advent of the nuclear age when the people of the world would be faced with the danger of annihilation from these weapons of destruction.  It was a time which was to come in 1984 when over 50,000 nuclear bombs had come into existence which could have wiped out the population of the earth a hundred times over. It was the time when Shri Nathji was to save the world from total annihilation and usher in a new era of peace. It was the time which was going to be the crowning achievement of Shri Nathji’s avatar upon earth.
In later days Shri Nathji was to quote the verse below, frequently, which referred to the coming of the new age in the world with the Advent of the Avatar in it:

Zamaanaa aayaa hai behijaabi kaa aam deedaare yaar ab hogaa
Sakoot thhaa pardaa daar jiskaa vo raaz aashkaar ab hogaa

This is the age of revelations when all shall see the Eternal Friend,
The secret that was behind the veil, shall now stand revealed to all

Guzar gayaa vo daure Saaki ke chhup ke peete thhe peene valale
Tamaam jahaan banegaa maikhaana har koyi baadaa khwaar hogaa

The times are a-gone, O Saaki, when those who drank did so in hiding
The entire world shall become a drinking tavern now, and all shall drink to their fill!

Safeenaye bargegul banaa legaa kaarvaan more naatvaan kaa
Hazaar maujon ki ho kashaakash magar ye dariyaa ke paar hogaa

The petal of a flower shall become a ship for the caravan of the weak,
And though the waves try their worst, it shall deliver them to the shore!

“In short that golden age is coming. We must remain in preparation for it and must ever wash our hearts with the tears of His love.”
Shri Babaji Bhagwan said to Shri Nathji one day: “ Betaa, son, the words that I have uttered today can never turn out to be wrong, even if the skies and the earth cease their rotation! This must be so, because this is not my voice, it is the voice of God!”
Shri Babaji Bhagwan asked all the people to pray to the Invisible God to manifest Himself in some human form of His choosing.
He said to them:
“For the satisfaction of the heart the Invisible Form of God is enough, but for the satisfaction of the eyes a visible human form is necessary.”

Shri Babaji Bhagwan added:
“Let me congratulate you, my brethren, that that Reality has already come upon earth, in human form but shall manifest Himself only at His appointed time.”
“When Uddhauji pleaded with the gopis–the devotees of Lord Krishna–to not to weep in separation of Lord Krishna, because he existed within their hearts, they said to him:

Teri sab baaten saanchi hain naheen shak ismen Naaraayan
Jo ho soorat kaa mastaanaa vo kaise parche baatan men

Thy words are true, there can be no doubt in them, O Lord,
But for one who is in Love with a Face, words are not enough!”

Shri Babaji Bhagwan himself set down questions that all were asking and provided the answers to them as follows:
Question: Will God come upon earth Himself or will He send some messenger?

Answer: The question is not very relevant. It makes no difference whether He comes Himself or sends some messenger. If He comes Himself it will be wonderful, but if He sends a messenger then the messenger will only reveal Him. So in either case there is no difference. A moth is concerned only with light and not with the clay deepak or the chimney from which it may come.

I say this with absolute confidence and knowledge. It is the voice of a Brahmagyaani–a realized soul–who may appear separate from God because of the limitations of the human body, but who is in fact one with Him. It is written in all the religions of the world that some Being shall appear upon this earth whose coming shall free the world of all its sorrows and sufferings.
The Hindus say that the Poorna Brahm Nishkalank Avatar, or the Kalki Avatar shall appear upon the earth. The Muslims believe that the Imam Mehdi shall manifest himself. The Sikhs await the coming of the Kalgi Avatar. The Christians believe that Lord Christ shall come into this world again after becoming one with His father.

The question will arise: Will all these beings appear to be different from each other, or will there be just One such Being who each shall call his own?

The answer is: there shall be just One Being who shall be accepted by people of various faiths as their own. Hindus shall look upon him in accordance with their beliefs, the Muslims shall look upon him in accordance with their beliefs, the Sikhs and the Christians will look upon him in accordance with their beliefs. This One Being shall appear to each his own and shall be loved by all.”

Shri Babaji Bhagwan said:
“The time for the coming of this Being was ordained for the distant future. However when the Lord saw the sufferings of His children upon earth he curtailed the waiting and decided to come before His time!”
“If there be some who say that they cannot understand the logic behind this, then they can be asked: ‘Do we not want Him to come as soon as possible?’ And, secondly, how can we mere human beings know what His plans are? If we were to know them with the same degree of fullness as he Himself, then there would be no difference between Him and us!

“We must therefore be filled with boundless happiness at the thought of His coming.

“Yes, He has already come into this world and is doing his work in a concealed way. He shall reveal Himself whenever He so wills.

Mubaarik ho makeene laamakaan aayen hain duniyaan men
Zameen kaa charkh se paayaa dobaalaa honewaalaa hai

Good tidings be to all, that He, who was beyond a dwelling, has come into the World,
The status of the world shall soar higher than the heavens now!

The final scene of unbounded beauty is to unfold itself before the eyes of the people of the world, in which there shall be nothing but love and peace.”

Question: What is the proof that such a time is about to come?

Answer: The proof lies in the fact that the world is in need of such a time.

Question: Who shall be the one called the Avatar?

Answer: He who is the Avatar shall reveal Himself.

Question: How will we be able to recognize Him?

Answer: He shall grant recognition of Himself to whoever he likes, just like Lord Krishna granted recognition of Himself to Arjuna.

Question: To whom shall he grant recognition of Himself?

Answer:  To those who wish to know Him. And if He so wills he may grant recognition of Himself to all, so that all may look upon Him.