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During the days when Shri Babaji Bhagwan had been residing in Jammu, Sai Shinumalangji, who was a mahatma of repute, used to come for his darshan. He had become so devoted to Shri Babaji Bhagwan that when he discovered that Shri Babaji Bhagwan was going to Amritsar he followed him there.
He was a Pathan, belonging to the fierce race of warriors who remained steadfast on any path that they chose in life. He had become an ascetic, a mahatma, since a very young age but had not found fulfillment in life.
The moment he came before Shri Babaji Bhagwan he found the Reality he had been seeking. He would often say to people: “He who comes to Shri Babaji Bhagwan can never go anywhere else!”
He left his hometown, Jammu, and began to live in Amritsar just so that he could be close to Shri Babaji Bhagwan.