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A Devotee:  Babaji tell us of that name of Raam (Rama) God – which grants salvation.

Shri Babaji:  Look at the word RAAM. If you read it backwards you will get MAAR. This means, ‘kill’. But kill what? It means you should kill your ego. Then read Raam as MARA, which means: that which is dead.
We must remember that in this raging conflict of the world there is but One Existence and that is Rama. And everything else that appears to exist outside of it, is, in reality, NOTHING, i.e. that which is dead.
And if you remember this, you shall never die but shall instead become immortal – AMAR.
After you have attained immortality you shall find yourself become part and parcel of God; you shall then be absorbed in Him and become RAM-A.
In other words RAMA and only RAMA shall remain.
Yes, it is by taking the name of Rama in such a manner that you can attain salvation.

Na thhaa kuchh to Khudaa thhaa
Kuchh na hotaa to Khudaa hotaa
Duboyaa mujhko hone ne
Na main hotaa to kyaa hotaa

When there was nothing there was only God,
If there were nothing there would be but God,
I was betrayed by my own Existence,
How great it would have been If “I” were not!

Son! You live in God all the time and He lives within you in this world. Even then you evince a fear of the world and yearn for the things of the world!

It is better to worship Khudaa–God–than to worship your own ego–Khudee.

Always consider your own worth with your own mind. Do not follow the worth that others place on you.

Try to see Rama–God– in everyone.

Never perform any action in secret.

Never tell a lie.

Never think ill of anyone.

The only way to be free of conflicting desires is to look upon them as meaningless.

I shall take away the good and bad qualities of all those who come to me.

Until and unless I can see all my fellow creatures in salvation I shall remain always in bondage, even though I am free.

The differences that exist in religions are like the differences that exist between two persons who both desire the same food to satiate their hunger, but each wants it cooked differently.

To seek to change one’s present condition is to invite sorrow and suffering.

The absence of contradiction in the present is peace of mind.

There is nothing more valuable than honesty.

Honesty is the best policy.

Look upon the worth of a man as greater than the worth of money.

Knowledge is that which comes from within the purity of the heart.

Perhaps even a tiny atom can assert its own existence before the Existence of God, but I can make no such assertion.

Death has no claim over me. I can leave my body whenever I choose to.