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There was a time when Shri Babaji Bhagwan became very ill and the doctor said he would not survive for more then three or four days.
Shri Nathji who was a young man at the time began to cry, and Shri Babaji said to him:
“Son, why do you cry?”

“Bhagwan!” Shri Nathji wept, “you are about to leave your body!”

“Do you need my body? All right, then, I shall keep it!”

Immediately thereafter he recovered through a miracle and remained with Shri Nathji for a long time.
There was a time when Shri Babaji Bhagwan exhibited a strange and inexplicable face. He did not bathe for about a year or so, and he allowed his nails to grow long, his hair to become unkempt and to hang on his shoulders, his clothes to become worn out and torn. He was lost in a world of his own where no one could disturb him.
Later his devotees preserved the clothes and nails of Shri Babaji of that time.

I love you more than you love yourselves.

Nirguna –is defined as the Lord who is above all qualities in Himself –is not one who has no qualities in Him, rather Nirguna means He who has all the qualities within Him

See Rama in everyone and love him.

Your religion is that which is God’s religion as well.

Whenever anyone bows before anyone else, He bows in fact only before God.

If there is Rama and only Rama, then who are you afraid of?

If there is you and only you, then who are you afraid of?

If you are nothing, even then why are you afraid?

If you are one with God then why do you fear?

Instead of saying “I”, “I”, say “Thou”, “Thou”. After that your “I” shall convert itself into “Thou”.

Do not say Anal-Haq – “I am God”, or “you are God”, or “ he is God”. Instead say only “God”, “God”. Then no one can find fault with you.

Gyaan ki baaten to agyaani kiyaa karte hain
Gyaani agyaaniyon ke karma kiyaa karte hain

Only the ignorant talk of wisdom.
The wise but do the work of the ignorant!

Think of illness as the love of God.

Look upon the Will of God in everything that comes your way.

Do not elevate yourself. This is the only way to success.

Duality and Diversity are in reality ignorance, but without them Oneness cannot manifest itself.

To know one has sinned and then to repent for the sin is the surest way to secure forgiveness.

The heart has no face of its own. It is like a mirror. It acquires the face of anything that comes before it.

The way to satiate a desire is to give up the desire altogether.

Intense desire and its fulfilment are one and the same.

Become thou that, yourself, first, which thou wouldst want the world to become.

Leave aside thy “I” and say “Rama”.

The thoughts of the world enter within you because you have no thought of your own within yourself.

Even the tiniest bit of Faith in God can make the entire world shake.