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“If anyone serves me for a hundred years I shall not bless him for his services. And if anyone opposes me for a thousand years I shall not curse him.
“You will ask me: ‘Then what is the benefit that we get from to you?’
“The answer to that is: ‘Your own actions will produce their own results.’”

A Brahmgyaani – a realised soul – is one who exists beyond the reach of worldly considerations, and for whom all states in life are equal. He is beyond praise and opposition, beyond love and hate. Those who come to him receive the fruits of their own feelings towards him.

Shri Babaji Bhagwan used to say in a light vein: “Agar meraa kaihnaa maanoge to chaar aane faayedaa, aur agar naheen maanoge to ek rupayaa faayedaa!
“If you listen to me you shall benefit by four annas, but if you do not listen to me you shall benefit by one rupee!”
Since four annas was only one fourth of a rupee, he was asked what this meant, and he replied:
“ If you listen to me you shall go on walking on the right path and that shall be your gain, but there will be the possibility of your going astray at some later stage. However if you do not listen to me then your actions will produce some dreadful result. And as a consequence you shall never again disobey me or go astray. The dreadful result of your own actions shall then give you the gain of keeping you on the right path forever.”