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One day Shri Nathji saw the Divine Form of Shri Babaji Bhagwan. The narration is recorded in his own words from his book Zahoore Haqueeqat, written in first person by Shri Nathji:
“One day when I was sitting before Shri Babaji Bhagwan I found that his existence appeared to span all of infinity. It was full of Divine Light, Divine Power and an Agelessness. I was frightened. Fear gripped me to such an extent that I almost fainted. I realized then how great a Being He was and how infinitely small I was in comparison to him. I also thought of my numerous shortcomings and daily impertinences. If this divine vision had persisted for even a few seconds longer, I would have lost consciousness. But Shri Babaji Bhagwan soon closed my eyes to that vision and appeared before me again in his usual self. The conclusion that I drew from this revelation was that it was impossible to see him in the fulness of his divinity. Even though people frequently ask him to reveal himself yet they do not know that the sight of that revelation would be too much for them. Even when he is veiled, the sight of him is too dazzling to look upon.
Baa to yak dam nami taraanam zeest
Beto-am nest ham shakebaayi

I cannot exist beside Thee even for a moment
And without Thee I have not a moment’s peace.

When the thought of Him enters the heart, the entire Universe is forgotten, and when we forget Him, our ego fills us with unrest.

Ab kyon Moosaa hain gash men khaamosh
Paihle naa sambhal ke guftagoo kee

Why is Moses silent now in unconsciousness–
Would that he had conversed (with Him) with care!

The verse bears reference to the Prophet Moses who was audacious enough to call out to God to appear before him, but collapsed in a faint when the Light of the Lord appeared before him.
Moses had called out to God, saying: “Rabbe arani! O Lord, appear before me!”
And the Lord had said: “Lan Taraani! You cannot see me!”
When Moses had insisted, God had appeared before him, but the sight had been too powerful for Moses to bear, and he had fallen down upon the ground, unconscious