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Of the numerous miracles associated with the life of Shri Nathji was his writing of the book entitled “Payaame Muhabbat”, i.e. “ A Message of Love”. He wrote this book when he was fifteen years of age. The book was written in Urdu and Persian and was more than 200 pages long. Shri Nathji wrote the book in a twenty-four hour sitting. And this, despite the fact that Shri Nathji had never been seen reading any book himself.
The book was a spiritual revelation, a veritable philosophic thesis on spirituality the likes of which had never been seen by the world before. All who read the book were astonished at the divine revelations contained therein. Even the language was the purest and most learned that the world had ever seen. Philosophers, intellectual, saints and sages, as well as the common folk were filled with a divine bliss, the likes of which they had never experienced in their lives before. All at once they knew that Shri Nathji was no ordinary young man. It was impossible for a boy aged fifteen to have written what Shri Nathji had set down upon paper in one night. The book was yet another proof, if proofs were needed, of Shri Nathji’s divinity.
In the first page of the book Shri Nathji had written the following verse, which explained all of spirituality in a world of materialism:

Deedaye zaahir men mere ye jahaan bastaa rahe,
Deedaye baatin men lekin kuchh sivaa tere na ho

Let the world remain before my eyes to see,
But within me let there be none else but Thee

Many a person turned into a saint or a mahatma after reading the book. People would be heard reciting the sayings of Shri Nathji contained in the book. There was a poem in the book which won the hearts of all and was recited in many a prayer assembly of saints and sages:


Saakiyaa hamko jahaan men ab too aisaa jaam de
Jo hamaare kalbe muztar ko bhee kuchh aaraam de

O Divine Saki! Give us such a Cup in the world
Which may bring rest to our restless hearts

Torr kar ghafkat ke daamon ko banaa aazaad ab
Yaani phir roohon ko ab too rooh kaa paigaam de

Break Thou the bonds of ignorance and make us free
Give Thou to the souls a Message of the Soul

Har gadaa ko iss jahaan men too banaade baadshaah
Taayare be baalon par ko phir havaaye baam de

Make Thou a King of every beggar in the world
Let the featherless birds fly into the skies once again