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There was a time when, filled with an apparent intensity for God Realisation, Shri Nathji wrote a short poem in Urdu and handed it to Shri Babaji Bhagwan, in which he expressed his littleness before Shri Babaji and begged for enlightenment from him.
It was a part that only Shri Nathji –the perfect son–could have played. Though being Almighty God himself, he had humbled himself to such an extent before Shri Babaji Bhagwan as to become non-existent. Shri Nathji wished to set an example to the world of how humble and devotional, and ever eager to learn, God Incarnate could be before his father. The poem written by him as a child was:

Saaf ab ashk se aankhon ko Maseehaa kar de
Raunake bazme muhabbat ko dobaalaa kar de

Wipe away these tears from my eyes,
O Messiah,
Fill thou the gathering of lovers with Thy Love!

Dhoondataa hoon jise main goshaye veeraane men
Mujhko uss soorate zebaa kaa shanaasaa kar de

He whom I seek in the silence of the wilderness,
Reveal thou to me the Glory of His Face

Deedaye dil men zaraa apnaa ujaalaa kar de
Zulmate jehal se phir meraa kinaaraa kar de

Fill the eyes of my heart with the Light of Thy Glory
Set me free from the bondage of ignorance

Kore chashmi ne mujhe muztiro hairaan kiyaa
Khaake darbaar se Nath ko beenaa kar de

These unseeing eyes have caused me anguish enough,
From the dust of Thy feet give thou to Nath eyes that may see.

At another time, Shri Nathji wrote a prayer on a slip of paper, which he handed to Shri Babaji Bhagwan that carried the same theme as the poem above. Every morning Shri Babaji Bhagwan would read the little slip of paper on which Shri Nathji had written the Urdu Verses even as Shri Nathji came before him. It was in fact a prayer on behalf of the entire world:

Dil gariftaare balaaye daame gesoo kab talak
Aur maihroome sadaaye khandaye roo kab talak

For how long will the heart remain entrapped in the locks of sorrow,
And for how long will it remain bereft of the blissful Voice the Soul

Dil men ye shoro fugaan hai kis liye paidaa kiyaa
Aur mizgaan se girenge gham ke aansoo kab talak

Why hast thou filled the heart with the cries of  pain,
And for how long will the tears stream from the lashes of the eyes.

Chashme baatin men nihaan ho baadaye vaihdat magar
Saakiyaa khaali rakhegaa jaame dil too kab talak

Within the eyes of the heart lies hidden the wine of Truth,
But O Saaki, for how long willst thou keep the cup of the heart empty

Nath ko qaide tavaaham se ai Shah aazaad kar
Yoon rahe maihroome naaze naghmaye hoo kab talak

O Shah! Release thou Nath from the prison of ignorance,
For how long will this voice be bereft of the songs of joy?

In these Urdu Verses Shri Nathji was in fact pleading for all the genuine seekers of the world for whom the separation from God had become unbearable.