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Why must God come down to earth Himself? Could He not send one of His prophets or messengers to ease the sufferings of mankind? This question must have been on the lips of many.
And Shri Babaji Bhagwan had a novel answer. He explained the situation in the parable below.
Akbar, a King, asked the same question of his Prime Minister, Birbal: Why must God come down to earth himself? Why can he not send His messengers upon earth?
Birbal pondered over the question and then asked for some time. A few days passed, but no answer was forthcoming from Birbal. The question as well as the answer appeared forgotten. And, then, Akbar, Birbal, and a host of courtiers went sailing. In the middle of the river, a figure was seen falling into the water.
The crown prince! Birbal shouted, The crown prince has fallen into the waters!
Without waiting to hear more, Akbar jumped into the waters in pursuit of the drowning figure. No sooner had he grasped it, when he exclaimed: What! A dummy! Birbal! What kind of a joke is this!
When Akbar had climbed into his boat, Birbal explained: Sir, a few days back you had asked me why God must come down to earth Himself to save mankind rather than send his messengers. I have given you the answer today. When you thought your very dear son was drowning, you lept into the waters to save him yourself. Your love for him forced you to jump. You didn’t wait to instruct your courtiers or to send someone else to save him; you went yourself. Similarly, when God sees his dear devotees in suffering, He comes down to earth Himself – He doesn’t wait to send prophets or messengers! Indeed it is the love of God for his devotees upon earth that makes him come down to the earth in human form instead of sending a representative.