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Shri Nathji also set down the following narration in “Zahoore Haqueeqat”. It is given below in his own words, as translated from the original Urdu into English:

A few days back I had asked Shri Babaji Bhagwan: “Bhagwan, why did you bring me into the world?”

And he had replied: “Betaa-son! I have to make you sit upon the seat upon which I am sitting just now.”

Har kase raa baihare kaare saakhtan
Maile oo dar khaatarash andaakhtan

Every man has been born for some purpose in the world,
And the same inclination has been put in him

And I said to Shri Babaji Bhagwan: “No, Bhagwan! I shall never sit on it! How can one disposed to the frivolities of youth dare to sit upon a seat where there is only peace?”

And Shri Babaji Bhagwan said: “Betaa–son! I did not seek your consent when I brought you into this world; there is no reason why I should seek your consent now, to make you sit upon this seat!”