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Those were the day when Shri Babaji Bhagwan made a second prophecy, after his first prophecy about the war, which had turned out to be true. In this second prophecy Shri Babaji Bhagwan said:
“A golden age shall dawn upon the earth in which all the sorrows and sufferings of the world shall cease to exist. There shall be peace everywhere. All differences shall cease to exist. People shall love each other like brothers. This shall be the time when the Avatar of God upon earth shall reveal Himself. He shall be the one for whom people of all faiths have been waiting in accordance with their own beliefs. This Divine Personality shall be filled with love for all of humanity. No one shall be a stranger for him. One religion shall come to reign upon the earth and God shall take His children into His fold.

“No more shall mothers lose their sons before their eyes, and no more shall there be any war. This shall be the age for which the angels had been waiting, the age in which the saints and sages had hoped to be born so that they could get a glimpse of God upon Earth. 

“This will be the age of Kaliyuga in which the Avatar was to reveal Himself.  

“This is a time the likes of which has not come upon earth since four ages—four yugaas.

“Aisaa time chaar yugon men naheen aayaa hai!

“Yes, even God was eagerly waiting for this time to come. The coming of this time is the final fruit of the Law of Evolution. It is the last great revelation which this world shall be granted. It is the time for which the prophecies of all the saints, sages and prophets have existed. It is a time in which all shall have one Father and all shall be His children. There shall be no name for the new religion to come. The faith of God shall reign supreme in the hearts of all. All shall be free of bondage while alive, and shall gain salvation when leaving the world.”

Shri Babaji Bhagwan said:
“But before this golden time comes, there shall be a period which shall be of the utmost dread, a time which shall be agonizing and unbearable for the people of the world. It would be better if at that time all remain asleep and unconscious of what transpires, and deliver themselves to the protection of God. If we die we shall die in the thought of Him, and if we survive we shall live in freedom.”