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After staying for two days at the hotel, Mateshwari and Priya Nath shifted to new lodgings found by Karai, which were at 22, Fairhazel Gardens, London N.W.6 and where Shri Nathji and Pran Nath also joined them. And it was there that the four of them spent their last days of happiness together in London.
With the arrival of Mateshwari in London, Pran Nath and Shri Nathji began improving rapidly in health. Mateshwari would go shopping herself and bring the vegetables and eatables home. The beautifully decorated shops of London held no attraction for her. She never purchased anything for herself. It was as if these things of the western world did not exist for her. Mateshwari did not like London; she did not like the foggy climate of the island. Her only mission in life was to serve Shri Nathji.
Mateshwari would often praise the British for their gallantry towards women. No Britisher looks up and stares at passing Indian women, she would say.
Mateshwari had always been very fond of Queen Elizabeth, whom she described as gentle and noble. Mateshwari observed that everyone in London seemed absorbed in himself and did not interfere in the affairs of another; that people did not appear attached to families and homes as in India. Mateshwari would sometimes say humorously:
“These people have all the qualities of non-attachment which is spoken of in Hindu philosophy!”
Mateshwari would admire the beautiful women of England and say:
“Yahaan to khoobsoorti sarrkon par rulti phirti hai! Beauty is so common here that it appears to be lying by the wayside!”
Mateshwari also had reason to observe:
“The inherent nature of Pran Nath is very much like that of Englishmen. Unlike other Indians here, he seems to be a part and parcel of England, and fits in perfectly with them. Even his complexion is so fair that he is mistaken for a native of this place. His vast knowledge, and standard of English, over-awes even the Britishers. His forthrightness of character and scrupulous honesty surpasses even the qualities of the British.”
Shri Nathji, Mateshwari, Pran Nath and Priya Nath went to the house of a certain Shri Lakra in the countryside of Kent. Lakra was a relative of Shri Y.L. Taneja of Delhi, and invited Shri Nathji to his home. Shri Nathji’s divine light shone out as usual, and the Lakra family were overwhelmed.
Mateshwari was struck by the sheer beauty of the countryside and the health and well being of the cows there, which appeared to be as large as the horses in India.
Mateshwari observed:
“Bhagwan ne inn mulkon ko sab kuchh de diyaa hai! God has given everything to these countries!”