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Shri Babaji Maharaj had always had a love and hate relationship with the British. There were times when he was all praise for their administration.
And there were times when he would say:
Unfit! Unfit! Totally Unfit! Get out of my India! Nikal jaao mere Hindustan se!
It was when Shri Babaji Maharaj was in such a mood that the British had begun to pack their bags to quit the shores of India.
Shri Nathji often spoke of the powers vested in the saints of God. He told the story of the Muslim Fakeer who was awakened from his sleep on the street by the Moghul Emperor’s police, and told to go elsewhere. The angered saint got up and lifted his mat off the ground with a flourish, saying Thhoon-thhaan-thhee! Tamaam Moghuliyaan Khaandaan barkhaast! I expel the entire Moghul dynasty! Shortly after­wards, the rule of the Moghuls came to an end, and future dynasties sank into oblivion.