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Shri Nathji gave a beautiful example:
“Puppets are dancing on the stage. They are being pulled by little strings. The strings are in the hands of puppeteers. There are some who cannot see the strings. They think of the puppets as dancing by themselves.
“There are others who can see the strings pulling at the puppets, and they think of the strings as the prime-movers of the puppets.
“Finally, there are some who know of the puppeteers behind the screen, in whose hands the strings are held, and who are really responsible for the movement.
“In a like manner, there are many who think of the world and its objects existing all by themselves.
“Then there are others who discover the scientific laws that govern the activity of the world. These are like the strings of the puppets.
“And, finally, there are some who know of the Final Cause, the Prime Mover, God, in whose Will the Laws of Science operate! He is behind the Veil of the Universe!