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As soon as the temple was constructed and Mahamateshwari’s statue installed within, the devotees gathered at the temple began experiencing a sensation altogether divine, and heavenly.
A fragrance entered into the atmosphere. A smile appeared on the face of the Divine Mother, and a radiant light emerged from the statue. All assembled there prostrated, overwhelmed by an over-powering feeling of Divine Love. The Divine Mother had made her presence felt. She was to remain there, in that temple, for years to come, to give peace and solace to all who came within its doors.
Every morning the rays of the sun would enter through the door and fall upon the face of Mahamateshwari, lingering for a brief while, even as the rays of the sun had fallen upon her face in London when she had passed on to her Divine Abode.
The temple was historical. Never before had a temple been made for a deity so shortly after the deity had left the world.
It was the sincere desire of Shri S.V.Marathe that Shri Nathji come to Akola to grace the temple, but that was not to be till another four years.