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Raja Mahindra Pratap of Dehra Dun experienced the Divine Love of Shri Nathji to a very great extent. When Shri Nathji embraced the aging freedom fighter in 1974, he said:
Swami­ji! This is the way you used to embrace me whenever and wherever we met in the years gone by, on the Mall in Mussoor­ie!
He would refer to Shri Nathji as a “veteran spiritual leader” and would sometimes suggest that Shri Nathji call together all the religious leaders in India and organise a religious fraternity.
Shri Nathji, however, was above organisations. He was spirituality personified. When he told Raja Mahindra Pratap Singh that he was not interested in politics, the Raja was a trifle taken aback and suggested that holy men participate in the affairs of the State.
Shri Nathji was, however, running the affairs of the states of the whole world. He was not doing it visibly though, so as to appear impartial.
Whenever Shri Nathji sent prasaad to Raja Mahindra Pratap in Mussoorie, the latter distributed it to members of his group. On Shri Nathji’s birthday, he wrote: The desire seized me to come flying to you across the mountains and felicitate you on your birthday!”
Shri Nathji delivered a beautiful sermon on Divine Love to members of Raja Mahindra Pratap’s group in Delhi. His words made many a person weep on the occasion.
He had said: “People tell me that I have become weak. And I am happy to hear that. A candle, that must die out, is fortunate if even the last rays of its light can show the way to others. A pencil, that has worn itself out, writing the prose it was meant to write, has truly completed its work in life.”