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The world of materialism with its structures, tall and imposing, its cemented roads and pavements, steel cars and buses that carried the seething humanity enmeshed in a rat race for survival–such was the picture Delhi presented, as Shri Nathji entered into the city once again. For Priya Nath the sight of New Delhi was loathsome after the devotional atmosphere of Nagpur.
The days and weeks and months began to pass away as Shri Nathji entered into seclusion once again, his silence being broken occasionally whenever a seeker after truth found him. For the rest, he preferred the anonymity of the big city.
Both, Shri Nathji and Priya Nath, had lost five kilograms of weight, each, at the end of their stay at Nagpur. This had been due to the constant exertion and the heat as well as the scanty diet they ate there. Priya Nath had developed a taste for Maharashtrian food, especially the sweet daal with rice and wished to eat it at Delhi as well.