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There had been a young Nepali servant in New Delhi who had brandished the bread knife at Priya Nath and Sahadeva in the kitchen.
When they grappled with him, he ran out of the kitchen, knife in hand, and rushed into the drawing room where Shri Nathji was sitting on his favourite armchair.
Within minutes, there was a scene in which the servant ran about the room in circles with Shri Nathji, Priya Nath and Sahadeva after him!
At one point, as he brandished the knife, Shri Nathji aimed a kick at him that sent him flying straight into Shri Nathji’s armchair! As he sat in the chair, the servant declared a truce and said in heavily accented Hindi: “Baus! Enough!”
At another time, when Brij Mohan had suddenly begun to get violent, Shri Nathji simply applied his left hand and pressed one of the man’s shoulders against the wall, so that the servant could not move at all.
Shri Nathji’s grip was stronger than any wrestler’s hold. Shri Nathji would often say laughingly to Priya Nath:

“Vaise to mujh men itnee taakat hai ke main paihalvaan ko giraa saktaa hoon!

“I have so much strength in my body that I can throw down a wrestler if need be!”

After all, Shri Nathji had wrestled with Kans when he was Lord Krishna and had defeated him.
Such were the two aspects of the life that Shri Nathji led. While on the one hand he would sweep away towns and cities with his divine effulgence and thousands would see God in him, yet on the other hand he would be engaged in the most homely of tasks, like grappling with a bedevilled servant!
Though Shri Nathji had settled down to the banalities of human existence at Delhi, his divine work was going on unhindered.