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Shri Bhutt Sahib had become a picture of tranquility. He composed and sang bhajans on Shri Nathji’s name.
Whenever he would speak of Shri Nathji, people would listen to him with rapt attention, for the words came from a very learned and responsible man.
When he referred to Shri Nathji as the avatar of the age, it was not the fancy of one struck with blind faith. Word spread everywhere of the conversion of this former atheist, and more and more of his friends and relatives began to thirst for Shri Nathji’s darshan and blessings in the regions where Bhutt lived.
Shri Bhutt always referred to Shri Nathji as Prabhuji while Mrs. Gangabai Bhutt called Shri Nathji: Bhagwan.
He often said to Shri Nathji:
You have fulfilled all the desires of my life. Now I have but one desire left, and that is, that your glory spread to all corners of the world, and that we devotees dance with joy on beholding this!
“Prabhuji meri kul icchaayen samaapt ho gayi hain, bas ek ichhaa raih gayi hai ke aapkaa yash ho aur keerti ho aur ham bhakt dekh dekh kar naachen!