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There was a friend of Bhutt who shared Bhutt’s faith in Shri Nathji and regarded him as God upon earth. When Bhutt met him after a long time, the man had changed. Instead of calling Shri Nathji God, like he used to, he was seen referring to Shri Nathji as a great Maharishi, a great Mahayogi, etc. Bhutt was so disconcerted with his friend that he said with some annoyance:
“Saale kaa punya samaapt ho gayaa! The wretch has lost the fruits of his virtues!”
Indeed the man’s virtues had revealed to him God in human form. And if he was seeing him as a human instead, then it meant that the man had fallen from his previous spiritual state.
Shri Nathji had said: “If you think of me as God then you shall get from me what you would get from God. If you think of me as a mere mahatma or saint then you will get from me as much as a mahatma or saint can give! It is your own faith that rewards you!
“When you bow before a stone idol you don’t think of it as stone, but rather as God! Thus you are in fact bowing before your own belief or faith! Aap apni bhaavnaa ko pranaam karte hain!”
“And if you can see God in a stone image why should it be difficult for you to see God in a human form!”