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Shri Nathji frequently gave the example of Draupadi as narrated in the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata. When she was being stripped forcibly by the evil Kauravas, she held on desperately to her saree to save herself. Finally, when all her efforts were of no avail, she prayed to Lord Krishna. And, miraculously her body became draped with innumerable sarees.
Krishna, she said to him later, why did you take so long in coming to my aid?
Draupadi, Krishna replied, every time I would extend my hand towards your saree, I would find your hand already there! When your futile efforts failed, and you let go of your saree completely, I came and grasped it!
Shri Nathji said added:
When man realises that he cannot save himself with his own futile efforts, he cries out to God–and God extends His helping hand. The delay in Divine Help occurs only because man does not leave everything completely to Him right from the beginning.
Man must go into the field of action and perform his works–but he must do so without worrying over them. He must think of himself as an instrument through which God is doing His work. It is not man’s part to worry over his needs.
When you were a child–did you worry over your needs? Did not Nature provide you with parents? Did not your eyes open to the light of the Sun? He, who brought you into world, will also care for you.