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Justice Rangilal was a judge of the Punjab High Court at Lahore. He had met Shri Nathji at Mussoorie during the summer vacations and continued to meet him at Lahore whenever Shri Nathji was there. He had become like the moth that could not stay away from the Divine Flame of Shri Nathji. At the same time his was the love of an elderly person for a young man, and he would always remain concerned for Shri Nathji’s health.
One day he met Shri Nathji in Lahore and said: Sir–I must keep reminding you to look after your body, to eat in time, sleep in time, to take regular walks for exercise; you must do this for the sake of the world!
Shri Nathji, however, continued to maintain irregular hours. All his time would be spent for the sorrow-stricken humanity. Many a time he would postpone his meals or forego them entirely to meet seekers after truth. There were even occasions when he would miss his morning ablutions to meet the public. This continued despite Justice Rangilal’s pleadings.
Huzoor, said Justice Rangilal, I have decided not to remind you. Last night, the realisation dawned upon me that, perhaps, the sort of life you are leading–which appears so grossly irregular to us–is governed by some spiritual regularity of which we know nothing! Forgive my past impertinence!
Shri Nathji was not one to break anyone’s heart.
Rangilalji, he said, suppose a man is walking in a dark jungle. There is something ahead of him which looks like a well. Actually it is not a well. But you think it is. What would you do? Would you warn him or not? You must go on doing your duty–which is that of remind­ing me to regulate my life, and I shall go on doing mine!
“You do not know of the hidden laws of the spiritual world, but you do know of the laws that operate in this world. And if I appear to be hurting myself by going against such laws, your conscience would never allow you to remain silent!
At one time in Lahore, Shri Nathji was about to sit on a chair, when Justice Rangilal pointed out: Sir! Stop! There are pieces of broken glass strewn on the seat!
And Justice Rangilal was very angry with Shri Nathji’s attendants for negligence. He said to Shri Nathji:
Aapkaa to Rabb hi raakhaa hai! God alone must look after you! No one else here seems to be careful enough!