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The Divine Love of Shri Nathji was such as to inspire poets and artists and singers to great heights of creativity.
The inner being of his Divine Self began to reflect itself in their words and poems.
There was the poet Manjul Kavi, a renowned citizen of Harda, a town in Madhya Pradesh, then known as the State of C. P. (Central Provinces) in the early 1940’s.
Shri Nathji entered into his heart from a distance. The inner realisation that Shri Nathji was God came to the poet while he was in Harda and Shri Nathji was at Mussoorie and he had not even met Shri Nathji on the physical plane. He had only heard about Shri Nathji from Mrs. Gangabai Butt.
His pilgrimage to Mussoorie in June 1947 was one of the greatest events of his life. The Divine Glimpse of Shri Nathji was so powerful that it was to remain with him all his life. Shri Nathji filled his entire being.
Manjul Kavi began to compose beautiful verses on Shri Nathji, and published little booklets that contained these verses. At his calling Shri Nathji went to Harda later in December 1947. The last moments of his life were spent in the composition of such poetry. Life and death had taken on a new meaning ever since he had discovered God:
Asuron ke atyachaar se sansaar jab ghabraa uthhaa
Bhakton ne kee thee praarthnaa uss Brahma Bhola Nath se
When the powers of evil put the world to fear,
The devotees of God prayed to the Creator, Bhola Nath,
Sun ke karunaa le liyaa avatar Hari nar roop men
Dukhiyon ke dukh hatne lage nar roop Bhola Nath se
In Mercy, then, down to earth He came, as an Avatar,
The devotees’ sufferings vanished then, in the human form of Bhola Nath
Nirguna Niraakaari Prabhu, par ho gaye saakaar hain
Bhakton ko anubhav ho rahaa, nar roop Bhola Nath se
The Invisible, Formless God, has become visible, with form today,
The devotees experience this in the human form of Bhola Nath
Ab to prabhu pad padam kaa sewak banaa Manjul Kavi
Leeje sharan arzee yahi nar roop Bhola Nath se
The servant of the lotus feet of God is now Manjul the poet,
Take me in thy fold, is my prayer to the human form of Bhola Nath.

When Shri Nathji was in Harda in the last week of December 1947, Mrs. Bhutt antagonised a group of orthodox religionists by making her beliefs too public.
She had forced Shri Nathji and Mateshwari to don the clothes of Krishna and Radha, much against the wishes of Shri Nathji, and had invited a large number of people.
As the antagonism began to mount, Mr. Bhutt found himself faced with a volley of questions: Prove to us, now, that he is God!
Mr. Bhutt stood up before the crowd and said in an anguished tone that shook the hearts of all present:
Go and prepare a Chita of fire! I and my wife, and my children shall lie upon it, and shall burn to cinders, declaring that Shri Nathji is God. Do you want any further proof from me?
It was a touching scene in which many began to weep.
The hostile group held a large convention in the open, denouncing the belief of the Bhutt family and condemning the notion of God in human form. Just then fierce winds blew in the sky, and very soon a hailstorm developed. The meeting was totally disrupted; the shamiana-tent blown off, and its convenors drenched in cold rain. It appeared to have been a mild protest from Nature, as Mrs. Bhutt would often fondly narrate in later days.