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Mrs. Bhutt wrote numerous books on her spiritual experiences and her search for God. The most important of these books was “Mere Prabhu Darshan ki Anmol Gharriyaan–The Priceless Moments of my Glimpses of God”, in which she declared openly that Shri Nathji was the avatar that people of all religions were waiting for. She also wrote a drama, “Divya Darshan” which dealt with the same theme, and which she staged in various parts of the country.                              
Prabhuji, Bhutt Sahib would say, I can see Rama and Krishna in you–but the infinity of forms contained in you is unfathomable.
“Prabhuji, Rama aur Krishna to mujhe aap men nazar aate hain magar uss se bhee aap aur kitne anant hain ham andaazaa bhee naheen lagaa sakte!
His relationship with Shri Nathji was that of a servant with his master. He would write: ‘your dasanudas’ at the end of his letters–’the servant of your servants’.
Prabhuji, said G. P. Bhutt one day, Ever since we met you, all our worries have ended. But a new sphere of worry has begun–all your worries have become ours!
“Prabhuji jab se aapko mile hain hamaari kul chintaayen samaapt ho gayeen, magar aapki sab chintaayen lag gayeen!”
“You have taken a delicate body upon earth, we must serve it, and preserve it.
When Shri Nathji had injured his arm in 1942 and it was to be operated upon, Bhutt Sahib had written to him:
Prabhuji, break both my arms if you will–but cure your own!
“Prabhuji mere donon baazoo torr daalen magar apnaa baazoo thheek kar len!
“But I know, even as I say this, that you will not stop this painful drama, because you began it with some divine purpose we ordinary mortals cannot understand! But it is my fervent prayer to you to keep any member of our family with yourself to serve you during these days.
Shri Nathji was so touched with Bhutt’s feelings for the hurt in his arm that he would relate Bhutt’s words ever afterwards in his sermons:
“Prabhuji, mere donon baazoo torr den magar apnaa baazoo thheek kar len!–Prabhuji, break both my arms if necessary but cure your own!”
Mrs. Bhutt’s obsession with visions and gods and goddesses often annoyed her husband. He would say:
What need have we of these numerous deities when God himself is walking the streets of the earth!
“Bhagwan to aaj kal sarrkon par ghoomaa karte hain!”
Shri Nathji said one day:
“Bhutt Sahib, have you ever have had any doubt?”
“Bhutt Sahib, kabhi aapko doubt bhee aayaa?”
Doubt? Prabhuji, I do not even know what the word means! Bhutt replied, “Prabhuji, main to ye bhee naheen jaantaa ke doubt kis word ko kaihte hain!”
And Shri Nathji said:
Doubt, devil, decay and death are one and the same!