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The Divine Beauty of Shri Nathji and the Love it inspired could only be described by the Persian Verse Shri Nathji sometimes narrated:
Ba ishq az zaan za har Majnu fazoonam
Ke dar khoobi za har Laila fazoonam
I am greater, in my Love for Thee, than any Majnu,
Because Thou art greater in Thy beauty than any Laila!
An evidence of the effect of Shri Nathji’s divine beauty was seen in Lahore itself when Shri Nathji met Nanva Ram, advocate.
Is there anything I can do for you? Shri Nathji asked him, after a little association with him.
You have already stolen my heart in one glance, and made me a Majnu, an insane lover! said the advocate, how can I ask you for anything else?
Shri Nathji laughed: You must complain to the Deputy Commissioner that there is one here, who steals the hearts of people with a glance!
You will be found guilty! said the advocate.
I doubt it, said Shri Nathji, firstly, the Deputy Commissioner would be afraid to come before me for fear his own heart might be stolen with a glance! Or else, if he were to come before me, it would mean he did not believe you in the first place!
I will swear it on oath! said the advocate.
Don’t, said Shri Nathji, or else you might be found guilty of giving false evidence on oath! You might well be asked: if your heart has been stolen, then with whose heart have you come here to complain? And if you are complaining, it must mean your heart is still with you.
Saamne baith ke dilko jo churaaye koyi
Aisee chori kaa pataa khaak lagaaye koyi
Sitting before one, he robs the heart
What can one make of such a theft?
Shri Nanva Ram was greatly impressed by Shri Nathji’s logic. Shri Nathji could confound the greatest of lawyers. It was this aspect of Shri Nathji that endeared him most to members of the legal profession, like lawyers and judges. It was also for this reason that scientists and intellectuals were drawn to him. He gave God to them in a manner they could understand.
In truth, Shri Nathji could not be confounded by even the most complex of questions, nor would his logic bear refutation, so perfect and so amply clear was it for everyone. And this had to be so–for all knowledge belonged to God.