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When Shri Nathi was in Calcutta, members of the Parsee faith came for his darshan with great devotion. Shri Nathji always had a very great love for the Parsees, who he compared with the legendary philosopher’s stone–the Paaras, which could turn iron into gold through its touch.
These were the believers in Ahura Mazdaa, the God of Light, the Eternal Flame. According to their faith the battle between good and evil was constantly going on, as was the battle between Ahura Mazda and Ahriman, Satan. In the end the victory had to be that of Ahura Mazda.
Amongst the Parsees was Homi S. Karai. The man came to Shri Nathji’s dar­baar and saw in the personality of Shri Nathji an intense radiating light, which appeared to reach down into the depths of his soul.
Karai could not bear to look into the light, and he shut his eyes. The next day he came to Shri Nathji, and said: We parsees worship fire and light. That was the form in which you re­vealed yourself to me. All Glory Unto Thee.
Thereafter, he became a great devotee of Shri Nathji and visited him every day. After a few days, he said to Shri Nathji:
The first day I saw this great effulgence of light coming from you. I saw it on the second day as well – but from the third day onwards, it disappeared!
Shri Nathji replied:
I have a diamond in my hand. I show it to you, and then I place it in my pocket. Once the diamond is inside the pocket, you cannot set eyes upon it, but you know that it exists. I can take it out and show it to you another time whenever I want to! 
Karai’s mother had cancer. Medical experts had declared the case hopeless. Karai loved his mother very deeply. He immediately s­ent a telegram to Shri Nathji who had left Calcutta, and prayed that his mother be saved.
Medical Science was baffled when the cancer began disappearing all by itself. After she was cured, doctors from distant places came to examine her and marvelled at the cure.
What medical aid did you provide her with? they asked Karai, Which doctor did you get for her? Karai said: It was my Lord and Master, Shri Nathji!
Karai wrote to Shri Nathji: You saved my mother. It was my greatest wish. I shall never ask anything else of you in the future.
He would often say: Other people have gurus who lead them to God, but I have God Himself as my Guru!
He came for Shri Nathji’s darshan at Mussoorie. The first time he came, he was lodged suitably in a hotel; however on his second visit, he discovered much to his consternation that he had been given an incredibly small room by the hotel staff. He was vexed in his mind and complained to Shri Nathji in his prayers.
That very night a thief stole into his room. The room was so small that the thief stumbled over the sleeping form of Karai– who awakened with an alarm. The thief ran out of his room and Karai was saved.
The next day he came to thank Shri Nathji for the small room. Had the room been large the thief would have been successful in carrying out his nefarious designs.
Shri Nathji had often said: When God does not listen to your prayers it is for your own betterment!
Even after Karai immigrated to London, he continued writing to Shri Nathji. His letters would arrive with regular frequency.
Why do you write so often? Shri Nathji wrote to him, you seldom get a written reply from me, because I am so engrossed in the humanity around me.
My Master, Karai wrote back. it is enough that my letters reach you and remind you of me. I do not expect a reply. Whenever you open my envelope and read the letter you think of me and your blessings go towards me. What more can I want?
Karai would write at the top of his letters: All Glory Unto Thee.
Once Shri Nathji sent him a parcel of barfi- sweets. Karai was a diabetes patient. Sugar was like poison to him. But here was ‘prasaad’ from the master–how could he refuse it? He ate the contents of the parcel. As a precaution he had a medical test done the next day for traces of sugar. There were none!
Shri Nathji’s relationship with Karai continued for many years, and from 1963 to 1967 Shri Nathji was constantly with him in London. When Karai passed away later, it was with Shri Nathji’s name on his lips.