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There was the Englishman who used to come before Shri Nathji in Lahore during those days, and who would be so filled with divine bliss that he would rent his shirt and say to Shri Nathji:
Tear open my heart and come into it!
Indeed Shri Nathji had already entered his heart and soul. Shri Nathji often said that God resided in the hearts of his devotees and not necessarily in external places of worship. His verse on the theme showed a guiding light to humanity:
“Qaabaa naheen hai zaahide ghaafil nishaane dost
Dil dhoond aashikon kaa vahi hai makaane dost
The Qaabaa is not the sign of thy Beloved, O Lost Believer!
Seek instead the hearts of His lovers, it is there that He resides!”