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Shri Shankar, Mrs. Bhutt’s brother, who had already experienced the power in Shri Nathji’s hands at Dehra Dun, had an abiding faith in Shri Nathji to equal that of her sister Gangabai Bhutt. Shanker met Shri Nathji in Nagpur after many years, in 1978, and said, sadly:
Whenever we live far away we from you, it appears that we are sinning. To live far away from God is to sin. Surely this life will not come again. How lucky are the fortunate few who have found God walking in their midst! And how sad the lot of those who have found God in their midst but who cannot live close to him!
Aapse door raihkar aisaa lagtaa hai jaise gunaah kar rahe hain!