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Shri Nathji was a Hindu by birth, but he adhered to all religious faiths. He said, frequently, that he had come for all. He was fond of the Muslims because of their raahe adab–their humility and their reverence for Allah.The Muslims loved Shri Nathji as much as did the Hindus.
In the 1930’s Shri Nathji delivered a powerful lecture on Islam at the Jamia Islamia College in Lahore. The Hindus and Muslims in the audience listened, spell-bound. Never before had Islam sounded so beautiful, never before had it gone so directly to the hearts of the listeners as it did that day. It was not a mere intellectual digression–it was a spiritual revelation, a spiritual experience that took one to the door of Allah. There was again that indefinable feeling of spiritual bliss, a divine intoxication that produced a thrill in the hearts of all who listened. Shri Nathji’s personality was Universal. His Love Divine and Light Divine went out equally to all. His was the voice of Love which touched every soul and transcended all of religion.
Oh, he is such a lovable personality, said members of the ecstatic audience.
The principal of the college, who was greatly superior in age to Shri Nathji, came up to the young man before him and thanked him.
He asked Shri Nathji: How can Hindu Muslim unity be forged? Hindu Muslim ittehaad kis tarah ho?”
Shri Nathji replied: Hindu Muslim unity is ever-present. Disunity only sets in when we think of uniting the two!
And Shri Nathji recited a Persian verse:
Bani aadam aazaaye yak deegarand
Ke dar aafareenash za yak jauharand
Man is but a part of man,
For their birth is of one essence.
There was also Shri Nathji’s powerful verse on unity:
Rishtaye ulfat men jab paro saktaa thhaa too unko
Phir pareshaan kyon teri tasbeeh ke daane rahe
When thou couldst have threaded them together in a string of Love
Why didst the beads of thy Rosary remain restless!
And there was yet another verse that Shri Nathji said on the conquering force of Love that transcended all differences:
Khaar ke daaman men tujhe gulsitaan aaye nazar
Ye muhabbat kee nigaahon kaa magar aijaaz hai
In the midst of the fold of thorns thou canst see a Garden
Such is the miracle of the sight of Love!