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Shri Ram Gopal Mehra genuinely believed Shri Nathji was God. Whenever Shri Nathji would eat food, he would say:
Huzoor, give this food to one and all.
Such an occasion was to come in Rawalpindi, when Shri Nathji visited the city with Shri Ram Gopal Mehra.
One day, Shri Nathji kneaded dough with his own hands and made chappaatis. Though he had never cooked any kind of food for himself, except in the days with Shri Babaji Maharaj, his chappaa­tis excelled anything that man had ever made. They were soft and delicious beyond compare.
His devotees rejoiced as pieces were given to them as ‘prasaad’–a sacred offering. Small parcels of this sacred food were sent to people in various parts of the country. It was God’s own cooking.
Near famine conditions had been prevailing in the country at the time. The rains had failed. No sooner had Shri Nathji made the food than the famine was lifted. It was God providing for his children.
Shri Nathji showered Divine Bliss upon the residents of the city during his brief stay there. Shri Nathji would not be returning to Rawalpindi again. And after he had left the city, he received a letter from Shri Ram Gopal Mehra:
Huzoor, ever since you left, the flowers in my garden have withered–even they could not bear the separation from you.
Indeed, all of creation belonged to the Creator. Seeing Him in its midst, must have been a source of great joy for it.