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There was a time in March 1949 when Shri Nathji was at Calcutta with the proprietors of Jeevan Lal and Company. There were persistent invitations from Nagpur, where the Chief Minister Ravi Shanker Shukla and the Governor Mangal Das Pakvasa were waiting eagerly to give a reception to Shri Nathji. However Nathji was reluctant to go, because he had to return to Allahabad to Mateshwari and the children, from where they all had to return to Mussoorie.
Sharda Bahen and a few others from Nagpur decided to bring Shri Nathji to Nagpur, through persuasion, and, without informing him, they took a plane to Calcutta. As the will of Shri Nathji would have it, the machine developed trouble en route-and the lives of those abroad were in danger.
Don’t come to Nagpur, if that be your Will, O Nathji! the devotees on the plane prayed, but don’t take out lives for our insistence!
“Aapne agar Nagpur naheen aanaa to mat aao magar hamaare praan kyon lete ho!”
Just then the pilot of the plane announced:
The plane cannot reach Calcutta, it is, instead, returning to Nagpur!
And the devotees were returned to Nagpur, from where they wrote their sorry tale to Shri Nathji, and surrendered themselves to his will. Shri Nathji immediately came to Nagpur after reading of their plight. He was accompanied by Shri G.P. Bhutt.
At Nagpur even as the multitudes thronged to Shri Nathji and many saw God in him and were filled with faith, a leading citizen of the town, Radha Devi Goenka approached Bhutt and asked him: “What do you see in Shri Nathji?”
Bhutt replied: “ You ask me what I see in him–I, who have been devoted to him for over ten years?”
“Aap mujhe poochhti hain – jo ki das varshon se unke saathh lagaa hai!”