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On one occasion, when Justice Rangilal came for Shri Nathji’s darshan at Lahore, he found a number of college students sitting before Shri Nathji and listening with rapt attention.
After they had gone, Rangilal said to Shri Nathji:
Huzoor, these young men – here? It is astonishing! They are such a menace in the streets that the girls of respectable homes don’t feel safe in their midst. It is a measure of your spiritual power that they come to you and sit before you like saints!
Shri Nathji said: When they are sitting before light, the light falls on them as well.
It was Shri Nathji’s humility that he would say to these young men:
One can doubt my truth but no one can doubt yours. This is so, because you have left all the attractions of the world to come to seek truth in me. If I have the truth, you shall get it from me. But if I do not have the truth, your own faith will reward you!