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There was a time when two Maharanis–the Maharani of Shinghaayi and the Maharani of Mandi–came for Shri Nathji’s darshan in Lahore and asked him:
It is said that one must give up all desires, and at the same time it is said that one must desire God– is that not a contradiction? Isn’t the desire for God, too, a desire?
“Ek taraf to ye kahaa jaataa hai ke kul ichhaayon kaa tyaag kiyaa jaaye, aur doosri taraf ye kahaa jaataa hai ke Prabhu ko paane ki ichhaa karen! Kyaa Ishwar praapti ki ichhaa bhee ek ichhaa naheen?”
Shri Nathji replied:
If a thorn has entered your finger you must take it out by using another thorn. And after the first thorn has been removed you can throw away the second thorn as well.”
“Agar aapki ungli men ek kaantaa lag gayaa hai, to aap ussko doosre kaante se nikaal sakte hain! Aur baad men donon kaanton ko phenk sakte hain!”
“The thorn of the desires of the world must be removed by the thorn of the desire for God. As a matter of fact, when the desire for God enters the heart, all other desires go by themselves. And once you have reached God, the desire to reach God is satiated and goes away as well!