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While in Lahore, Shri Nathji met an Iranian Professor who stayed close to Shri Nathji for six days.
What a strange spiritual radiance exists here, said, the Iranian professor, its effulgence drowns the very existence of ego.
He quoted a verse before Shri Nathji:
Man gung khaab deedao aalam tamaam kar
Man aajzam zaguftano khalk az shuneedanash
I, a dumb person, have seen a dream
And the whole world is deaf;
I have no tongue with which I can speak
And they have no ears to hear me!
It was a befitting definition of the state of divine bliss in which those who came to Shri Nathji found themselves. He would often say: “Whenever I come before Shri Nathji I get intoxicated as if I have had two bottles of wine!
As a well-wisher, the Iranian Professor would often take liberties and say to Shri Nathji:
“O Nathji! You need someone to look after you. You must get married!
Indeed those were the days when Shri Nathji would give freely of his own self, day and night, to the multitudes who gathered around him and also to the men, women and children who came to him individually or in small groups at all times of the day. Shri Nathji’s diet was meagre and he did not eat at regular hours, missing many meals, and even his daily ablutions. As a consequence his health was suffering. The Iranian Professor had rightly conjectured that Shri Nathji needed someone to look after him all the time.