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In the hill station of Kohmurree in Punjab, Shri Nathji met a member of the Qaadiyani sect. The man was so bigoted that he would often challenge people of other faiths to argue with him. He would say:
If I defeat you, then you must accept my faith, or else I will accept yours!
But the moment he met Shri Nathji he became so enamoured of him that he would not leave his side.
What do you find in him? said his friends.
The Qaadiyani replied: He says the same things my Master used to say. He exists in the world, while my Master does not!
When Shri Nathji left for Lahore, this elderly man of eighty found the separation unbearable. He would cry whenever Shri Nathji’s name was mentioned; he would sit down in the street, calling on Shri Nathji’s name.
Finally, finding the separa­tion too much, he followed Shri Nathji to Lahore and entered his darbaar there. His exit from his home was so sudden that his sons were left searching for him. He did not have Shri Nathji’s address at Lahore, but arrived there like a moth in search of light, and found Shri Nathji miraculously.
Such, indeed, was the effect Shri Nathji’s divine love had on all who came into contact with him.
Shri Babaji Maharaj had predicted this:
When Lord Krishna came, he had said, only the milkmaids, the gopis, and the cowherd boys, the gawaalaas, had run after him. But in Shri Nathji’s time, even the men shall run after him!