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Shri Nathji would often relate the state of genuine lovers of God as follows:
Sange magnatees kee ho lauha meri qabr par
Yaar kaa rakhtaa hai tausan naalaa aahan zere paa
Let my tombstone be made of magnetic rock
For the horse of my Beloved has shoes made of iron
“The lover of God prays that his tomb be made of magnetic stone so that when the Beloved comes riding by on his horse, the iron in the horse’s shoes shall be attracted to the tomb, forcing the horse to stop!
The lovers of God behold the footprints of their Beloved in the dust, and cast their tear-drops upon them. And the tear-drops of devotion are at once converted to pearls.
“When these lovers prostrate before God, their eyes fall upon his feet, and when they lift up their eyes, they see God.
Vaa kardaa chashme dil sifate nakshe paa hoon main
Har raah guzar pe raah teri dekhtaa hoon main
With the heart’s eyes open, like a footprint in the dust, I lie,
Upon all the routes I gaze, lying in wait for thee!